Month: July 2013

End of Tenancy Cleaning – Is It Really Worth it?

Article by:Cleaning Services Croydon
End of Tenancy CleaningThe main idea behind professional end of tenancy cleaning is to get the rental property in line with landlord imposed cleaning requirements. If there are no other issues, and provided the end of tenancy cleaning has been done right, tenants should be eligible to receive their rental deposit back in full.

Having said this, many vacating tenants would be entertaining the idea of doing their own tenancy cleaning, which is only logical and expected as after all end of tenancy cleaning is just cleaning right? Well, not exactly. End of tenancy cleaning is quite different to weekly or monthly house cleaning efforts due to its scale and complexity. Usually, if not always, end of tenancy cleaning covers the entire premises from top to bottom, and focuses on problematic and heavy duty or high traffic rooms and areas like toilet, bathroom, kitchen, hallways, staircase and front door areas.

So how does professional end of tenancy cleaning differ from normal property cleaning?

  • End of tenancy cleaning is (meant to be) done by specially qualified, professional cleaners. Although most people have been doing their own house cleaning for the better part of their life, there are specifics which only professional cleaners are aware of.
  • End of tenancy cleaning is carried out using specialised cleaning products and materials which aren’t available in supermarkets and specialised cleaning stores. Professional grade cleaning systems are the weapon of choice in this case as they yield better results and reduce cleaning time.

Tenants are better off using professional end of tenancy cleaning services, simply because they yield better results. Indeed this will cost a certain amount of money, but as the old saying goes “you need to spend money to make money”. In this case, paying for specialised tenancy cleaning will get you the rental deposit back thus your cleaning service costs will be completely covered by the bond/deposit.

If a vacating tenant has chosen to go with DIY end of tenancy cleaning they risk losing even more money from the rental deposit as the landlord will be obligated to organise for a professional tenancy cleaning without consideration of the service cost, which as expected comes out of the rental deposit amount payable to tenants.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning also saves time, effort and resources. For instance, if cleaning one bedroom properly, takes you one and a half hours, professional cleaners will get it done in less than forty five minutes. More so, you save time and resources from buying different (and expensive) cleaning products and materials needed for the job. On the other hand professional cleaners will be fully equipped and will know which product to use in a given situation.

Landlords need to bear in mind that if the rental property was not cleaned professionally when tenants were moving in i.e. there was no professional move in cleaning prior to tenancy, they should expect no professionally organised end of tenancy cleaning. This means more time between moving out, cleaning and accommodating new tenants – translating to lost rent. This is another indication of the importance of professional tenancy cleaning for both parties.